OUR PROCESS | design, budgeting & building

Every custom home has a unique building process  – for every client has their own needs, desires and lifestyles. Still, we are asked quite often about the process of custom building. These steps are a basic outline on the design/budget/building process. You will see that much of the work is done up front, before building actually begins!

Initial Discussion/Meeting
During the initial discussions we meet with the client, preferably on the building site.  We discuss house plans, site layout and options.  This is an initial meeting, for us to get a feel for the job and for the clients to learn a little about Fritts Construction Inc. Clients should find a builder they are comfortable with, trust and one that will build the home YOU envision.

Project Consultation
A detailed meeting to discuss your goals for the home and how you want your house to “live”. We want to hear your vision for your home; what will work for you and your lifestyle. We will discuss all aspects of the house with you – from house plans to options to finishes to learn as much about your plans and ideas for the house as possible.

This is a lengthy meeting with many options to discuss. It is also an enlightening meeting, where you start realizing all the exciting options available in a custom build.

Finalize House Plans
If you have made any changes to your house plans during the project consultations, your designer will make these changes, and will give FCI a final set of plans to create an accurate budget.

We take the final house plans and all of the information from our meetings and create a detailed cost analysis for building the home to your desires and finishes. This step takes time, since the house must be built on paper first,  to get a firm and accurate budget. We will also provide cost alternatives for value engineering the home.

Final Budget
After the budget is prepared, we meet to discuss and analyze the different options available for the project. Fritts Construction will work with you to finalize specifications for the home, based on these options and your budget.  We will then create a final budget to present to a financial institution for financing.  Note: Most banks require plans, specifications, budget and a contract to process a loan.

Loan Approval
During loan approval, preliminary work can be done on the project: building permits, scheduling, etc. As soon as the bank approves your loan, we are normally ready to get started building!

The building process begins – this is the part that is fun and exciting!  Fritts Construction will deal with all aspects of the construction process – starting with permits, inspections and trade contractors. There will be constant communication between FCI and you as the owner.  For you, it is the time for your selections to be finalized (materials, appliances, etc.).

As you move into your new home, we want you to know that we will be available to assist you in the event that problems or questions arise.  We work hard to minimize any work that needs to be done after move in, but our relationship will not end with the completion of your home. We provide continuous,  long-term customer service and support. After all, someday you might just want to build another home!