Green Building

Building green – what does that mean? There is no simple, rigid formula for building a green home. Building green is based on the principles of energy, water and resource efficiency, home design, eco-friendly site development and indoor air quality.

So how green you want to go? This is based on the owner’s wants, needs, and budget. In general, the greener the home, the more it will cost to build – due to testing, certification and the costs for higher-performance materials. It is your choice as to how green to go – and specifically what green features you want to use in your home.
At FCI, we believe in using good building science.  This will automatically add green (high performance) features to your home. “Green” features we include in every home: 

  • Properly sealing the building envelope
  • Energy Star appliances
  • Upgraded & efficient insulation
  • High efficiency heat and air systems
  • Water saving appliances & plumbing fixtures
  • Energy star windows
  • Superior interior ventilation
  • High efficiency water heater

There are many additional green features available to owners which can be added depending on your budget and wishes.  Let us know if you wish to go green and we can discuss your options.